Baby Massage Top 5 Tips

There are so many benefits of Baby Massage, both for parents and babies.

Here is my Top 5 Tips on Baby Massage

1. Always take the lead from the baby.

The baby will let you know if they are in the mood for a massage. If they are unwell or anxious it's normally not the best time to massage a baby.  Baby Massage can be used to relax a baby, but nothing should be forced or stressed. If the baby starts to cry or get distressed you can always come back to the massage later.

2. Always do a patch test if using oil on the babies skin.

We recommend using cold pressed natural organic oil on the babies skin, such as organic sunflower oil or fractioned coconut oil to prevent friction. Refrain from using mineral oils which clogs pores and using an unscented oil let's your baby bond with your scent first. When using oil for the first time, place a small amount of oil on the babies shoulder and wait a few minutes to ensure there is no reaction. If no reaction then it's safe to use, otherwise please speak to a professional before proceeding.  We sell organic pure sunflower oil on our website that we use in all of our classes.  

3. Choose a warm relaxing environment.

Baby massage should be relaxing for both parent and baby so choosing a warm environment will keep you both warm and relaxed.

4. Create a Baby Massage Routine

The more you practice Baby Massage the more the baby will start to recognise it's routine. Whether this be pre bedtime or just quiet time during the day, the baby will enjoy the massage when it develops into the babies routine.

5. Relax and Enjoy 

It's so important to take time out of the busy day to relax and enjoy your baby. Remember babies may not want / need a full body massage every day, but a nice relaxing leg or back stroke during change time or bed time will relax and comfort the baby. It's time to relax for both of you.

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