It feels like only yesterday.....

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

This blog is a bit of a personal one!

The other day I was sitting watching my little girl take her first steps and suddenly had a big emotional rush of "where did that time go?" it only feels like yesterday that we where at the hospital waiting for her little arrival.

People always say time goes fast, but when you have children time goes at light speed. Don't get me wrong some days feel like they go on forever and you wish for bedtime to come sooner, so you can have some 'you' time but when that time eventually comes, you want them to be close to you and not in bed, and if your anything like me, you are in and out of the bedroom to make sure they are OK!! (using ninja moves in and out the room to make sure you don't wake them up!!!) The simple thing would be not to go into the room, but I have that overwhelming urge to make sure they are OK, seeing them all snuggled up.

Time with your children is so precious, don't worry about the housework or dishes they can wait, spend time snuggling on the couch, playing on the floor, letting them jump in puddles and getting muddy from head to toe....enjoy them, enjoy every moment (even the tough ones) and remember sometimes all they need is a kiss, cuddle or just a hold of your hand.

That is why my classes allow time for you to spend with your baby, to get out of the house, to meet other parents and to share that time together. 

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