100ml Baby Massage oil - High grade baby massage oil

100ml Baby Massage oil - High grade baby massage oil

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Bobotime Baby Massage - Olive Oil [Jaitoon Ka Tel]: For giving a healthy body massage to babies, Olive Oil is rather popular in the Western countries. However, olive oil is used commonly round the globe for massaging both babies and adults, especially in the Mediterranean (where this oil is used for cooking and massaging since ancient times). The following are the main qualities and properties of this olive oil which together make this oil so famous and popular worldwide.


Olive oil gives ample nutrition to skin, making it moisturising and nourishing, soft & supple, younger, and glossier; it strengthens bones and reduces and cures cholesterol; soothes depression; reduces or prevents skin cancer and breast cancer; olive oil is very good for hair also; and it possesses anti-aging properties.


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